HDM wallets use HD technology (Hierarchical Deterministic) and Multisig addresses. The HD wallets generate a tree of addresses from a given seed. We create 2-of-3 multisig addresses with 3 public keys, to send bitcoins is required to sign at least with two private keys.

What is BIP32?

What is Multi-signature?

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Share tips through social networks or instant messaging. You choose the desired amount, Bitcoin is a system payment and a protocol prepared to microtransactions.

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Increment your customer base and your sales. Increase your profit margins. Bitcoin is the digital money from the future, and the present.

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Q4 2014 - 2Q 2015

Galicia Open Future

Galicia Open Future is a crowdworking project, promoted in the City of Culture by Telefónica and the Galician Government through AMTEGA, aimed at promoting entrepreneurship in all sectors, especially in the field of IT.

Our project was selected to be developed with other 50 projects to join the challenge for Galicia Open Future.

Website » @GaliciaFuture_Gal

Q2 - 3Q 2015


The program of Yuzz began in 2009 with two centers, one in Barcelona and one in Madrid, as a technology incubator of great ideas. Since then it has grown exponentially thanks to the collaboration of more than 40 local organizations. The program is currently being developed throughout the country.

During 5 month Yuzz facilitates selected the necessary support to develop their ideas.

Website » @yuzzcoruna

About us

David Albela Pérez

David Albela Pérez

MSc in Computer Science and ME in Computing at Universidade da Coruña. First year as student of PhD thesis.

Software engineer server-side applications, experience in web application development.

Jose Basalo González

Jose Basalo González

BSc and ME in Computing at Universidade da Coruña. Also working in the Master's Thesis.

Software engineer in Android platforms and scrum master, experience as a developer creating web services and mobile applications.



Email info [at] coincelt [dot] com